Providing comprehensive,
independent, unbiased research driven products





Research Driven Philosophy

HRC provides a range of services and products to clients, all driven by a fundamental focus on research.

This focus spans company specific / mico analysis, broad industry / macro research, and in-depth examination of company / industry comparables. 

Systematically piercing through quarterly / annual financials / MDAs, news releases, and prospectuses will reveal critical industry trends and valuation drivers that are of vital importance to the company and its investors.

HRC has completed assignments across a broad range of industry segments, from resource (i.e. mining, O&G) to technology, special situations, and more "traditional" businesses. 

Typical reports generated are geared to explaining how a company is positioned in its competitive environment, discussing its business development and growth strategy, and  what the associated financial and market potential is. 

These reports are typically of interest to not only external investors, but internally to company management as well.

HRC strives to make complex situations and environments understandable to a wide variety of audiences, from the most sophisticated industry followers to novice investors looking for a sensible introduction.  The objective is to make the "I see" light bulb come on.

Years of experience in conducting such exhaustive research in a plethora of special situations has validated this approach time after time.