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Products & Services

HRC has been assisting companies with their corporate positioning and other strategic planning needs for many years and have completed a broad spectrum of business plans, presentations, and other documents for hundreds of clients spanning a range of industries and situations.

Comprehensive Business Plans These can range from a 10 page executive summary document on to 30 - 60 page documents.  Obviously, the needs of external parties are key, and each plan will reflect this.  Typical sample uses include:

  • Raisng capital;

  • Detailing corporate strategy for potential business partners;

  • Documenting a cohesive corporate strategy for internal purposes.

  • Meeting regulatory / prospectus requirements;

HRC works with initial working drafts or can start from scratch.

Slide Decks/Presentations.   Companies today must move quickly and be on point with the right message to attract investors.  Yesterday's business plans are most often packaged in a compact and informative slide deck.  Time for introductions is limited in today's environment and slide decks are today's solution.  Obviously, presentations will have one or more key targett audiences, including:

  • As presentation materials to potential sources of capital.

  • As general documents available to the investing public

Corporate Due Diligence.  HRC works with companies to assess potential acquisitions and business partners.  Of particular importance in these assignments is the need to attempt ot identify relevant potential risks, whether they be financial or strategic. 

Taking some time to conduct deep research has very often proved of great value to clients.  Detailed examination of industry comparable companies almost always leads to important revelations. While clients will understand their industry very well, HRC is an external party with indepenent, unbiased and fresh eyes with the experience to identify both positive and negative issues through in depth, rigorous approach..