Business Plans

We have been assisting companies with their business planning needs for many years and have researched and completed business plans, presentations, and other documents for in excess of 100 clients spanning a range of industries and situations.

There are several different types of business plans (or similar types of documents) that we complete:

Comprehensive Business Plans.  These are typically 30 - 60 page documents that are designed to be appealing and informative to both sophisticated investors as well as those unfamiliar with the company and its industry.  They will normally include several key elements, including: 1) Executive Summary, which is a concise summary of the entire plan, 2) Company History, 3) Industry Background, 4) Company Products/Services, 5) Marketing/Market Development Strategy, 6) Competition, 7) Management, and 8) Financial.  We often find that the business plans we "inherit" are invariably deficient in several key areas.  Accordingly, we can be very helpful in developing a business plan that covers all relevant areas as well as improve the presentation.  These documents can be helpful to companies attempting to raise capital and for inclusion of excerpts in filing documents.   

"Extended" Executive Summaries.  In certain circumstances, it may be effective for companies to just have the introductory portion of the full business plan completed.   In these cases, the typical 5 - 10 page Executive Summary included in the business plan can be extended into a more complete 10 - 15 page Executive Summary.  These documents have proven to work well in several cases..

"Presentations"  In the emerging and fast paced digital age, what we have termed the "Extended Executive Summaries have essentially morphed into powerpoint presentations.  In fact, many companies that do not require comprehensive business plans are turning to these presentations, which fulfill a number  of critical needs, including:

  • As general documents available to the investing public.

  • As presentation materials to potential sources of capital.